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Causes of Common Back Injuries

Causes of Common Back Injuries The most common symptom of back problems is pain. If you have back pain and it isn’t going away, most likely it is an issue that needs to be addressed. [...]

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine Regenerative medicine covers a broad field of research. It includes tissue engineering along with various forms of self-healing methods in which the body uses its own systems to repair itself. The ultimate goal [...]

Diabetes : Finding a Cure

Diabetes : Finding a Cure With approximately 9.5% of the world’s population dealing with diabetes, it is no wonder that so much research is being put into searching for a cure. As far as a [...]

Tips for Regulating Diabetes

Tips for Regulating Diabetes Insulin is far from the only way to regulate diabetes. There are various steps you can take that do not require medication, which may help your diabetes. Keep in mind that [...]

Knee Surgery Alternatives

Knee Surgery Alternatives If you’re considering knee surgery or replacement, have you looked into any knee surgery alternatives? While some people may require knee surgery to alleviate pain caused by an injury or arthritis, many [...]

Treating Herniated Discs without Surgery

Treating Herniated Discs without Surgery By Dr. Ben Barton How much do you know about treating herniated discs? If you’re suffering from symptoms like back pain, sciatica, or weakness in your lower extremities, you may [...]