Sports Injury Rehab

//Sports Injury Rehab

Sports Rehabilitation for Injury at Midlands Medicine

When you are an athlete, it is difficult to avoid injuries forever. However, making a full recovery from your injury is key to ensuring that you return to the competition at 100%. Our unique and flexible sports rehabilitation treatment packages are designed and customized to your body type and injury.

Midlands Medicine provides exceptional care to athletes dealing with a musculoskeletal injury. Our mission is to get you back to your activity. We recommend you schedule a consultation with our sports injury specialists as soon as possible. Our physical medicine experts know that healing a sports injury quickly is also imperative to help prevent long-term damage and pain. Sports rehabilitation is important for all athletes from pro to amateur levels. That is why at Midlands Physical Medicine we prioritize your sports rehabilitation to help you get back on the field or court stronger, faster and more mobile. We understand that nothing is worse than missing the big game. That is why our trained professionals have a proven process to diagnosing and treating sports injuries.

After thoroughly examining your injury, we will create a sports rehabilitation treatment plan catered to your needs. We will offer coaching to assist you to improve your balance, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and muscular strength. Our sports injury experts may recommend a number of physical medicine treatments inlcuding:

  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Cold laser therapy
We know you’re ready to get off the bench and back in the game! Call Midlands Physical Medicine today to arrange your FREE consultation with our sports rehabilitation professionals. Dealing with a sports injury can be difficult.

The important part is to know that help is on the way. Our dedicated sports rehabilitation team is experienced at dealing with all sports related injuries. We will ensure you are comfortable and your injury is addressed so it will not happen again.